Signs of a Vitamin D Deficiency

As more people turn to professional jobs that require them to stay indoors, Vitamin D3 deficiencies are becoming quite common. Typically, we get this vitamin from sunlight, but if you use a strong sunscreen or you aren’t outdoors on a daily basis, you could have a deficiency and not be aware of it. There are numerous signs of a Vitamin D deficiency, including the following:

Lingering Depression Individuals who are already prone to depression may find that a Vitamin D deficiency makes them feel dramatically worse. A depression deficiency can trigger symptoms such as depressed mood, apathy, ongoing sadness, and similar symptoms. Individuals with depression may find that treating the condition with medication and therapy helps, but doesn’t lead to a complete recovery. This makes it especially important for those who deal with the symptoms of depression to regularly have their Vitamin D3 levels checked. Then, if supplementation is necessary, a doctor can prescribe a high dose supplement to start. After this, you can purchase a high quality over the counter Vitamin D supplement to take on an ongoing basis.

Severe Fatigue Fatigue can be a symptom of multiple serious health conditions. Vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to severe fatigue, making just getting out of bed and getting dressed seem like an impossible task. If you’ve found that even when you get a full night’s sleep you don’t feel rested, but you aren’t suffering from a sleep disorder, your Vitamin D levels could be to blame. If they are too low, you’ll find that you’re always tired, no matter what you try to do to combat the fatigue. If this is a symptom you’re experiencing, ask your doctor for lab work to check your vitamin levels.

Hair Loss

While hair loss can be triggered by stress and can be a symptom of some illnesses, it’s also a very noticeable symptom of Vitamin D3 deficiency. If you find that you are losing your hair, it may be time to have your vitamin levels evaluated. The lab work is simple, and supplementing your vitamin levels is an easy way to restore your hair back to the volume you’re used to.

Bone and Back Pain

If you’re having back pain, muscle pain, or bone pain and don’t know why you should ask your doctor for a full evaluation. These symptoms can be signs of a serious health condition. They can also be a sign that you’re deficient in Vitamin D3, which is easy to supplement orally. Either way, there’s no reason to live with ongoing pain if you don’t have to, and it makes excellent sense to have your nutrient levels checked to see if that could be the reason.

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