Pivotal Health Has a 85% Success Rate For Peyronies Disease in 90 Days

It has been over 14 years since any significant formula changes were made to the systemic enzyme market, until now. Unlike many of its predecessors, Trebinase was developed with 2 things in mind, 1) To be the most powerful fibrin reducing enzyme in the world, and 2) to make it easier to take by reducing the capsule count to 3 per day. This sort of revolution hasn't been seen in enzyme products since the early 2000's. With over 27+ years of experience Pivotal Health Products has brought a game changing new formula to the people who suffer from Peyronies Disease...Trebinase. By combining high doses of 3 proven fibrin reducing enzymes, Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Seaprose that are in perfectly blended quantities, Trebinase has separated itself from the competition making it the #1 choice for people suffering from Peyronies Disease. Serrasolv 360 our new updated pure serrapeptase product is stronger resulting in you needing to take fewer capsules per day.

Peyronie's Disease

Our Approach to Peyronie's is the Difference

"Take Back Your Life in 90 Days with our products"

"For over 35 years I suffered with peyronies disease. After several visits with my doctor he explained my options which were surgery or injections. To me surgery was not an option nor was the injections for fear of causing more damage. In researching my options I found Pivotal Health Products . With the research I found and my doctor’s help I got started on their products and within 2 weeks my curvature was almost completely gone. After a follow up visit my doctor was also impressed with how quickly and effectively the products worked to reverse my peyronies. He strongly advised me to continue doing what I am doing. Thank you Pivotal Health for your products and I will recommend them to anybody suffering from peyronies." W. Thorton, TX

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Regain Your Sexual Confidence

Peyronie's is most likely caused by trauma to the penile area. The condition often develops over time due to inflammation flare-ups in the spongiosum area of the penis. This elastic area of the penis is made up of specific blood cells that fill with blood and expand when an erection is achieved. When these cells become covered with scar tissue from the inflammation, they cannot expand correctly causing a bend or curve to the penis along with a decrease in size/shrinkage.

What is Peyronies?

Peyronie's disease can be defined as a bend or curve to the penis. What most men do not know is that the bend or curve can be corrected. In many cases of Peyronie's, the bend or curve is not too extreme nor does it cause pain. However, in some men, this condition cannot only be painful, but it can discourage sex by making it painful or impossible. It is important to know that this problem can be corrected in as little as 3-6 months.

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Do Medical Devices Work?

To reverse Peyronie's Disease, you must be directly treating the buildup and formation of scar tissue in the penis. We have all seen the devices that claim to be able to re-straighten your penis, and you may have even bought one. We are not here to talk bad about other company's products, but all the medical evidence shows that Peyronies cannot be corrected if the scar tissue creating the bend or curvature isn’t addressed. By addressing the scar tissue with our products, the penis will straighten. Read more below on how we not only eliminate curvature, but also reduce pain and restore your sexual confidence. The best way to understand how we have an 85% success rate for over 14 years is to speak with one of our Peyronie's Disease Specialist at 1- 877-404-8804..

Other Treatments

Why We Think Surgery is Not an Option

Surgery for Peyronie's disease is one option that men consider. Peryonie's surgery consists of cutting open the base of the penis and physically removing the scar tissue with a scalpel. It is important to know that this surgery is not only extremely painful but multiple surgeries may be required, depending on how extreme the curvature is. For most men, this option is just too extreme.

Results Without Surgery

Why our Peyrornies Package #1 is considered your best option? The main product in our package, Trebinase removes the scar tissue in a noninvasive manner. The main product contains Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, systemic enzymes that eat away the fibrinous plaque built (scar tissue) up in the penis which can cause curvature and lack of blood flow, the lack the of blood flow can also lead to a reduction in the size of the penis. The third ingredient in Trebinase is Seaprose, a scar tissue dissolving enzyme that also stops fibrin from forming in the beginning stages of the fibroblast process. By taking our Products, you will be addressing both issues. Our main product, Trebinase is also a patented blend of Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Seaprose are formulated by the world's top enzymologist with over 41 years of experience developing proven enzyme formulas.

Are you losing Size and Girth?

Losing size and girth - is the buildup of scar tissue around cells inside the penis that fill with blood when an erection is achieved. Peyronies Disease sufferers have high amounts of inflammation and scar tissue in the penis. Scar tissue forms around the cells that bring blood into the penis causing blockage in the areas you need to sustain an erection, as the Scarring increases most men will notice a decrease in size and girth along with bending or a curvature of the penis. Our Peyrornies Package #1 contains two products that are formulated to dissolve scar tissue and attack inflammation (Trebinase and Serrasolv 360), resulting in an increase in blood flow to the penis which in turn gives men much fuller erections. The Peyrornies Package #1 also contains Vitamin D3 5,000 which will help with the repairing and reconnecting of any damaged tissue. By taking all three of these products together, you will dissolve scar tissue, correct the curvature and restore the blood flow, returning size and shape back to your penis.

Achieve Results in 30 to 90 Days

Dissolving Scar Tissue / How We Do It

Scar tissue in the penis sounds like an irreversible situation, but it is not. Our products are specifically formulated to dissolve scar tissue using the enzymes Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Seaprose. When these scar tissue dissolving enzymes have been introduced into the blood stream, they seek out and bind with their opposite enzyme chain, causing scar tissue to be dissolved and leave the body. The results is less scar tissue in and no more curvature..

Addressing Your Immune System

When inflammation and trauma occurred in the penis, the body's natural response should be to the stop inflammation and heal the injured area. A healthy immune system receives signals from the body that inflammation has formed this then signals the immune to send white blood cells to correct the inflammation. There could be a few reasons why the immune system did not respond correctly, but most likely, a lowered or suppressed immune system is the culprit. This is why we highly recommend taking Vitamin D 5,000 along with our two main products. By taking Vitamin D 5,000 you are naturally assisting your body in balancing out the vitally important immune system. Also, by taking Vitamin D 5,000 you will be supplying an important piece to the healing process by taking Vitamin D which also help repair any damaged tissue in the penis.

The Key to Success

Trebinase 320,000 FU's Per Capsule

Trebinase is an Extracellular Systemic Enzyme that combines the powerful fibrin reducing enzymes Serrapeptase, Nattokinase andSeaprose, accompanied by Bromelain, Protease, Lipase, Organic Amla and Magnesium to create the world’s most effective systemic enzyme blend. Trebinase is formulated specifically to remove fibrin in the body. Trebinase accomplishes this by cleaving or cutting the fibrin from healthy tissue and utilizing removal processes such as urine and feces to rid the body of fibrin. To enhance the effectiveness, Trebinase has been enteric coated to ensure passage of the stomach acid for absorption where it reaches the less acidic small intestine (where most nutrient absorption takes place).The Enteric coating allows these sensitive enzymes to survive the acidic conditions of the stomach, allowing them to pass into the circulatory system while maintaining high (FU) activity levels. Enzyme activity is measured by formulary units (FU). Tests have shown that Serrapeptase, Seaprose and Nattokinase lose significant activity when exposed to acidic conditions, such as those in the stomach, which is why it is imperative that your systemic enzyme is enteric coated like Trebinase, so that you get the most fibrinolytic activity possible. Trebinase has the highest amount of FU's of any systemic enzyme in the world (320,000FU's). Trebinase is the only product used for Peyronies Disease that has a maximum dosage of three capsules per day.

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Serrasolv 360

NEW SERRASOLV 360 is 180,000 IU’s of serratia-E15 (serrapeptase). NEW SERRASOLV 360 is 180,000 IU’s of serratia-E15 (serrapeptase). SERRASOLV 360 is formulated by a leading enzymologist and is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. SERRASOLV 360 contains 180,000 SU’s of enteric coated Serrapeptase. Enteric coating our Serrapeptase it allows this fibrinolytic enzyme (fibrin dissolving) to bypass the stomach and then they are released in the small intestine. Enteric coating ensures the highest rate absorb ability and bio-availability for all enzymes. Serrapeptase is a powerful systemic enzyme that can help dissolve the scar tissue that is in the penis and causing your curvature. By using SERRASOLV 360 1 to 3 times a day can help users address the scar tissue directly resulting in a reduction of curvature, pain and returning your normal size and girth.

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VITAMIN D3 5,000 IU's:

Vitamin D3 5,000 iu's will modulate your immune system, boost immune response and repair damaged connective tissue. All three are extremely important in reducing curvature for Peyronies Disease. Our Vitamin D3 5,000 IU's is pharmaceutical grade and is 99.99% pure. By combining this product with our other two scar tissue dissolving enzymes, you will be taking our three most effective products to end Peyronies Disease in 90 Days or less..

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Our Peyronie's Solutions

Peyrornies Package #1 Our Most Effective Package For Peyronies Disease

Peyrornies Package #1 is our most effective package for men suffering from Peyronies Disease. By using all three products, Trebinase, Serrasolv, and Vitamin D3 5,000 IU's in this package you will dissolve scar tissue and reverse curvature, restore size and girth, stop the pain, regain harder fuller erections, balance your immune system and repair damaged tissue. If you are suffering from this condition, we highly suggest using this package to achieve the fastest and most effective results.

Peyrornies Package #1 Results:

  • Removal of current fibrin or scar tissue build up –Reverse Curvature & Return to Your Normal Shape
  • Defense against further fibrin or scar tissue build up – Increase Blood Flow and Regain Your Size
  • End Pain, Curvature & Embarrassment Fast.
  • Increase Immune System - Repair Damaged Cells & Regain Girth & Size

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Peyronies Success Story #1

I noticed a slight bend when I was a kid and about 2 years ago my bend turned into a curve. I went to multiple doctors who didn't offer any solutions besides injections. Its safe to say I started exploring my options. I called Pivotal Health and I was very surprised at how knowledgeable they were about this condition and the other treatment options. They spent a good amount of time with me and went in depth about how their products work, what results I should expect and when. I'm not easily impressed with health companies these days. It took about two weeks for me to start to notice anything but I can definitely tell its working. My results are that my lump is softening up, I feel larger than I previously was and my pain is half of what it was when I get an erection. I look forward to continuing and getting more results. - Travis B.

Peyronies Success Story #2

I spoke with Pivotal Health and they explained how enzymes are to breakdown scar tissue. I started with Trebinase and Serrasolv 360 along with Vitamin D3. I'm noticing less scar tissue and less curvature. I have also noticed that my size has increased. The best part is I am now able to achieve a full erection. Thank you for giving me my sexual confidence back. - Gurrera S

Success Story #3

Your products do as they say and I'm getting results. - Doug E

Success Story #4

When you come across a company that stands behind its products and offers exceptional consultations you have to let other people know. I never write testimonials but in your case you deserve one. I purchased the Trebinase, Serrasolv 360 along with Vitamin D3. I am using these to get rid of curvature to my penis that has plagued me for years. I never had problems with getting a erection however I know my erections aren't same size they used to be. My curvature is now starting to decrease, the lumps I had are smaller. Im 53 and so this has really helped me. - Regards, Tony D

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