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New Serrasolv 360

Serrasolv 360 is a Scar Tissue Dissolving Systemic Enzyme

Serrasolv 360 contains the purest pharmaceutical grade Serrapeptase, a proteolytic enzyme that has clinical proof to dissolve fibrin (scar tissue). Serrasolv 360 is a key product to fight fibrosis, the progression of lung scar tissue, scar tissue in the penis, cleanse the blood, dissolves blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque and will help address the root cause of any scar tissue related condition.

Serrasolv 360 contains 180,000 SU's enterically coated serrapeptase from a true enzymologist. The Serrapeptase in Serrasolv 360 comes the from bacteria native to the digestive system of silkworms. It is the enzyme responsible for dissolving a silkworm's cocoon. Traditionally, serrapeptase has been used for its anti-inflammatory properties

What Makes Serrasolv 360 Effective for Dissolving Scar Tissue

Many research and clinical studies have demonstrated that serrapeptase has anti-inflammatory, proteolytic (protein dissolving) and fibrinolytic (fibrin dissolving) properties. This unique activity of enterically-coated serrapeptase supports normal fibrin metabolism, blood viscosity and blood flow. Serrapeptase supports healthy inflammatory response by reducing metabolic inflammation, usually an asymptomatic inflammatory process in response to stress, improper nutrition and other environmental issues. In addition, there is evidence of inhibition of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation that has been linked to cardiovascular health.

Serrasolv 360 contains the following ingredients:

Serrapeptase digests inflammations, scar tissue, fibrin, blood clots, cysts, non-benign tumors, arterial plaques and inflammation in all forms. Since Serrapeptase has shown to have a significant impact on the removal of fibrin (scar tissue), ERP’s (erogenous blood particles), and toxin and debris from the bloodstream, Serrapeptase was an obvious choice for building Trebinase around.

How do FU's relate to IU's?Enzyme activity is often measured through a FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) or USP (United States Pharmacopeia) assays and is indicated by IU (international unit). Some enzymes don’t have a standard FCC or USP assay, such as serrapeptase. However, Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP) has established an activity assay specific for serrapeptase, which measures activity in SU, or serrapeptase unit. IU or SU is used interchangeably different serrapeptase products. While we do not know what sort of assays other companies use to test their enzymes, you can still compare the activity level on a one-to-one basis. Unlike other supplements, the weight (mg) of an enzyme supplement carries no significance. It is not the amount but the potency, or activity, of the enzyme that really matters. Guaranteeing the ingredients are available to the body is more important than how much of the ingredient is listed on a supplement label.

What is Enteric Coating and why its important?Enteric coatings are designed to be resistant to stomach acid, and will not dissolve until the tablet reaches the small intestine. These pH dependent coatings can protect the stomach from an acidic API, protect an acid-sensitive API from gastric fluid, or target delivery of the drug to a specific area of the small intestine. For Serrapeptase to be effective it needs to be delivered to the blood stream. Enteric coating is an effective way of delivering Serrapeptase to the small intestine where it can then be absorbed into the blood stream.

Choosing the Right Enzyme to Dissolve Scar Tissue Makes a Difference

Choosing the right enzyme blend for life threatening conditions such as Pulmonary Fibrosis and life altering conditions like Peyronies, Uterine Fibroids, Arthritis, and fibrin based conditions can make the a big difference in your results and the improvements to your life. Serrasolv 360 is a custom made Serrapeptase Product created by the top industry experts and enzymologists. Years of research went into creating Serrasolv 360.

Taking Fewer Capsules is Clinically Proven to Improve Success Rate

Previous reviews of the literature on medication compliance have confirmed the inverse relationship between number of daily doses and rate of compliance. However, compliance in most of these studies was based on patient self-report, blood-level monitoring, prescription refills, or pill count data, none of which are as accurate as electronic monitoring (EM).

Click here to view the clinical study proving less capsules per day increases your success rate

Serrasolv 360's new updated formula now only requires 3 capsules per day. Serrasolv 360 contains 180,000 SU's per capsule and it remains the strongest and lowest dosage Serrapeptase product on the market

Serrasolv 360 FAQ's

What is the correct dosage for Serrasolv 360? To effectively dissolve scar tissue you will need to take ONE capsule three times a day. Also to optimize the effectiveness of Serrasolv 360 you need to take it 45 minutes before food or 2 hours after food. This dosage would be comparable if you were currently taking 9 capsules per day.

How long should I take these products? Serrasolv 360 should always be taken 45 minutes before food or 2 hours after food. For most people suffering from conditions such as Pulmonary Fibrosis, Uterine Fibroids, Peyronies, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Arthritis or any highly fibrinolytic condition, it is suggested to take Serrasolv 360 from 30-180 days depending on the condition you are taking it for and the state of your current health.

What are the differences in the Trebinase and Serrasolv 360? Both products are systemic enzymes and will dissolve scar tissue within the body. The main difference between the two is Serrasolv 360 only contains Serrapeptase and Trebinase contains Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase.

Does Serrasolv 360 have any side effects? You shouldn't take these Trebinase and Serrasolv 360 with any blood thinning medications. Also if you are pregnant or lactating you should not use our Trebinase and Serrasolv 360. You should always consult with your physician if you are taking any medications before starting with our products.

Serrasolv 360 90 Capsules

180,000 SU's Per Serving

"Serrasolv 360 has revolutionized the enzyme industry. No other systemic compares to the strength or activity level of Serrasolv 360. Trebinase contains powerful enteric coated Serrapeptase, at 180,000 SU's per capsules. The days of taking 6 capsules per day are over, as Serrasolv 360 only requires 3 capsules per day to achieve maximum results." - Guaranteed by Troy Jones CEO

  • Dissolves Scar Tissue & Inflammation
  • Stop Scar Tissue From Forming
  • Cleanse Your Blood Stream of Fibrin and Toxins/Debris
  • Modulate the Immune System
  • Address the Root Cause of Your Condition
  • Stop Pain and Inflamed Joints
  • Lower CRP Levels & Blood High Pressure
  • Reduce Unhealthy Fibrin Levels
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