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Don't be fooled by imatations!   Take your life back from Peyronies, our products have been proven for over 11 years to Quickly Remove Scar tissue and reverse curvature with a high level of success.  Call today for a Free consultation with an industry leading expert at 1-877-404-8804 US or 602-404-3384 Int'l.  We are standing by to help you with any questions you may have.

 By Dissolving Scar Tissue You Will Reverse Your Peyronie's

To really reverse Peyronie's Disease you must be directly treating the buildup and formation of scar tissue in the penis. We have all seen the devices that claim to be able to re-straighten your penis and you may have even bought one. We are not here to talk bad about other company's products but all the medical evidence shows that Peyronies cannot be corrected if the scar tissue in your penis that is causing a bend or curve isn’t address your penis will not re-straighten. Read more below on how we not only eliminate curvature, reduce pain and restore your sexual confidence and more. The best way to understand how we have a 85% success rate for over 11 years we suggest you call and speak with one of our Peyronie's Disease specialist at 877-404-8804.

Peyronies Economy Starter Package for $149.97 

Peyronie's Introductory Phase 1 Package - 15 day supply

This package includes: Serracor-NK(150)+Serra RX80(90)+Vitamin D3 5,000 (60)

This package includes all 3 of our Peyronie's products for a 2 week supply.  It contains Serracor-NK and Serra RX80, our staple products that will dissolve scar tissue in the penis, eliminates inflammation, and help reverse curvature. Vitamin D 5,000 iu will help modulate the immune system and will also help repair the damaged tissue in the penile area.  It is very important that you stay on these products for at least 3 months to get the proper results.

Suggested Dosaging:
Serracor-NK: 3 capsules/ 3x a day
Serra RX80: 2 capsules/ 3x a day
Vitamin D3: 1 capsule/ 2x a day

 Buy Now for $149.97




Serracor NK vs Surgery

Surgery for Peyronie's disease is one option that men consider. Peryonie's surgery consists of cutting open the base of the penis and physically removing the scar tissue by scalpel.  It is important to know that this surgery is not only extremely painful but multiple surgeries may be required, depending on how extreme the curvature is.  For most men this option is just too extreme.

Why Serracor-NK has been used for Peyronie's for over a decade

Why Serracor-NK is considered your best option? Serracor-NK removes the scar tissue in a noninvasive manner and will not lead to erectile problems after surgery. When taking our product, you are naturally dissolving the scar tissue without further damage to the penis. Serracor-NK contains Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, systemic enzymes that eat away the fibrinous plaque built up in the base of the penis which causes the bend and curvature. Serracor NK is a patented blend of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase formulated by the world's top enzymologist with over 50 years of experience developing proven enzyme formulas.  Many companies have tried to imitate the Serracor NK blend with very little successClick Here to learn more about dissolving scar tissue with Serracor NK.

Peyronie's sufferers - Do not be fooled by products that make claims just because they sell the same ingredients.  Serracor NK's is a proven proprietary special blended enzyme with 11 years of success and effectiveness for Peyronie's sufferers.  We pay more for the finest ingredients and formulators in the industry, because your quality of life is worth it.  The long term success of our enzymes stem from our formulators 56 years of experience in making high quality enzymes.  Many of our customers have tried low expensive low potency enzymes from other companies with no results.  So don't be fooled into low cost products that don't work.  Serracor NK has a 11 year history of success, others try to mimic our products however the success of 11 years speaks for itself.  Do your homework and don't be fooled by cheap products with low potency. 


What men need to know

Peyronie's disease can be defined as a bend in the penis. What most men do not know is that the bend can be fixed. In many cases of Peyronie's, the bend is not too extreme nor does it cause pain. But, in some men, this condition can not only be painful, but it can discourage sex by making it painful or impossible. It is important to know that this problem can be fixed in as little as 3-6 months.

Scar Tissue in the Penis

Peyronie's is most likely caused from trauma to the penile area.  The condition often develops over time due to inflammation flare-ups in the spongiosum area of the penis (the base). This elastic area of the penis is made up of specific blood cells that fill with blood and expand when a erection is achieved. When these cells become covered with scar tissue from the inflammation, they cannot expand correctly leaving a bend or curve to the penis.

Reversing Peyronie's?

Scar tissue in the penis sounds like an irreversible situation, but it is not. Serracor-NK and Serra RX80, our two main scar tissue dissolving products, have had profound results with men suffering from Peyronie's disease. These two products were specifically formulated to dissolve scar tissue using the enzymes serrapeptase and nattokinase. When serrapeptase and nattokinase are introduced to the blood stream, they seek out and bind with their opposite enzyme chain and scar tissue is dissolved and leaves the body. This results in less scar tissue in the penile area and, thus, no more curvature.

How your body allowed Peyronie's to happen

When inflammation and trauma occurred in the penis, the body's natural response should have been enough to stop inflammation and heal the injured area.  A problem in the immune system is to be blamed. See, the immune system receives signals from the body that inflammation has formed, and should have responded by sending white blood cells to correct the inflammation. Now this does not mean that your immune system doesn't work.  There could be a few reasons it did not respond correctly, but, most likely, a lowered or suppressed immune system is the culprit. This is why we highly recommend taking Vitamin D 5,000 with your Serracor-NK and Serra Rx80. By taking Vitamin D 5,000 you are naturally assisting your body in balancing out the vitally important immune system. Also, by taking Vitamin D 5,000 you will be supplying an important piece to the healing process, because Vitamin D can also help repair connective tissue in the penis.

Attention Peyronie's customers:

Men are currently achieving a reduction in curvature by reducing scar tissue build up.  They are also reporting a significant decrease in pain and inflammation.  Men taking Serracor NK and Serra RX are showing a 80% success rate in a 90 day period.  See testimonials below.

For more information or a free consultation please contact Pivotal Health Products at:

Toll free in the USA 1-877-404-8804.

International callers call 602-404-3384.


Peyronies Testimonials

Testimonial #1

I was diagnosed with Peyronie's 1 year ago and I have been suffering from pain ever since.  My doctor explained to me that surgery was an option to relieve the pain however, I was skeptical about having surgery and afraid.  So, I searched the internet and found  Pivotal Health and a product called Serracor NK  sebkinase blend.  I noticed a significant decrease in pain and after 7 weeks I was pain free from the Peyronie's disease. Thank you for a natural and safe solution to my very painful condition.  This product has given great hope to PD patients.

Sincerely, Thomas L. Minnesota

Testimonial #2

For the last 3 months I have been taking Serracor and I have had a tremendous relief in pain.  For the short time I have been taking Serracor I am also noticing that my penis is showing signs of straightening.  I will keep you posted on my status. Thanks again for your advice.  I will continue taking your product; it really is a find.

Bill G.

Testimonial #3
I have been using Serracor NK for approximately 45 days, plus, for moderately severe Peyronie's disease. My physician's recommendation was to take vitamin E, and live with it. I have already experienced significant reduction in plaques, increase in girth and length. I am looking forward to completing the 6 month period as recommended.

Jack T., Spring TX

Testimonial #4

I'm writing to say, "This stuff works miracles".  I was skeptical at first, but after following prescribed regimen for three months, I have seen an improvement to my penial curvature by five percent or more, and also, the scar tissue, or plaque, has completely disappeared in one spot and reduced in two others.  I tried other Peyronies alternatives to fix my problem in the past, but this is the only one that has truly worked.  I'm extremely grateful and blessed I found your website, Pivotal Health.  Because of your product and the prescription guide in which to take it, I feel I have a new lease on life.

Chris Fikes


SERRAPEPTASE: SERRACOR-NK was formulated to break down fibrin (scar tissue) within the bloodstream and also non-muscle tissue fibrin. Peyronie's is a buildup of scar tissue and inflammation along the inside walls of the penis. When Serracor-NK is introduced to the scar tissue in the penis, it plays a role similar to a lock and key mechanism. Scar tissue is made up of protein cells formed together from inflammation. When inflammation occurs and is not addressed the scar tissue becomes dense and multiplies. By using Serracor-NK you are dissolving the scar tissue which will also, over a period of time, create less and less inflammation. Peyronie's sufferers should take Serracor-NK for at least 3 months and up to 6 months for men who have had this condition over a year.

"Click Here"   To learn more about - Serracor-NK & Serrapeptase


NATTOKINASE: SERRACOR-NK also contains Nattokinase, an enzyme with potent fibrinolytic activity that rivals pharmaceutical blood thinners and shows great potential for dissolving blood clots naturally and it also promotes a healthy circulatory sytem.  Nattokinase, an all-natural enzyme, is derived from the bacteria Bacillus Natto. Already, backed by research, Nattokinase shows promise in supporting areas such as Peyronie's disease. Nattokinase will help with Peyronie's by increasing blood flow to the penis while also removing the scar tissue that causes the bend to the penis.

"Click Here"   To learn more about  - Serracor NK and Nattokinase.


Vitamin D3 5000 iu's will modulate your immune system, boost immune response and repair damged connective tissue. All three are extremely important to reducing curvature for peyronies disease. Our Vitamin D3 5,000 IU's is pharmaceutical grade and is 99.99% pure. By combining this product with Serracor-NK and Serra RX80 you will be taking our 3 most effective products to end peyronies disease.

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Do not take Serracor-NK if your are currently taking blood thinning medication.  Serracor-NK is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing as these groups have not been clinically tested.  As always, consult with your doctor before taking Serracor-NK.

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